Is it Safe to Rely on Technology?

Future and technology are almost interchangeable terms. We rely on tech inventions more than ever before and will rely even more on in future. What once was just a fantasy, now becomes reality and changes our lives forever. While technology helped us fight poverty, spread knowledge and even increased the duration of life, we can’t even imagine what changes await us in the future. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at current tech trends and see where they lead us.

Self-Driving Cars and Future of Transportation.

Recently Elon Musk revealed his Tesla Model 3, a new electric car with autopilot technology. This game changing invention redefines the whole essence of driving and travel. You don’t need to worry about traffic collisions or parking anymore – the car handles these matters itself.

It proves to be much safer and ecological than regular, human-driven cars. Hence, from what now seems to be a logical continuation, soon all vehicles will be self-driving. They will be able to communicate among themselves, avoid traffic jams and collisions preventing fatalities.

Alternative and Clean Energy

Electric cars lead us to another tech development that will change our future – clean energy. Renewable energy has already affected our lives with electric cars, solar roof panels, and private wind turbines. Thus, over the last 40 years, technological progress allowed to drop the cost of the wind and solar energy by over 90 percent. This opens a wide field of opportunities to replace fossil fuels as the main energy source.

Augmented Reality

Do you remember the Star Wars scene with Jedis taking part in remote council meetings? Well, with Virtual and Augmented Reality soon this can be real. People can find these technologies particularly useful in remote college classes, conferences, and professional training. Moreover, seems like Augmented Reality can serve us well in fighting phobias or even in preparing doctors for surgeries.

Virtual and Augmented Reality can have a dramatic effect also on international relations and bring the world together in discussing planetary problems. Soon, there will be no obstacles for meeting with conflicting parties or allies to promote peace and prosperity.

Technologically Advanced Medicine and Genetics

The twenty-first century became an era of scientific experiments and breakthroughs. We have seen heart and brain surgeries, skin replacements and even limbs replacements. However, these are just the beginning and more discoveries are ahead. Today, computer technologies used to not only collect and analyze information – they are the core of most medical operations. Now, we can investigate blood samples, genes and even determine the risk of cancer.

Rapid scientific advancements give us hope for even more influential technologies. One day, neuroscience will allow us to have mechanical limbs, exoskeletons and wireless connectivity to hardware technologies. All of these inventions will make us more resilient and secured from diseases in future.

Technological progress played a crucial role in determining the world we live in today. We have reached a more prosperous way of living, reached the space and keep learning. In future, we will reach even higher peaks and with the help of technology, our world will be a better place.