Automotive Recycling & How to Get the Most Cash for Your Junk Car

Are you the owner of that junk car sitting on your property? If yes, then you have probably been thinking how you can get rid of it while also pocketing the most cash. When you have a fully functional car it can be easier to sell than an old pile of scrap. But there is enough money in automotive recycling to ensure you can still collect some cash for your junk car.

While some junk yards require money to perform a car removal, others pay you to take your junk as they recycle the metal and car parts. Which option sounds better to you? The second one right? We thought so! Who doesn’t want to earn some money when selling something they once bought? No one and you’re not an exception. Learn how to chose a good automotive recycler and car removal service by using our tips and earn more money for what you’re selling.

Reviews are Important

Good car removal services have good reviews online. You can easily find out if a car removal service is good or not by the feedback of their previous clients. However, if you can’t find reviews, always ask people who live nearby the car removal service. That way you will easily get the first-hand information.

Paperwork is Necessary

Good car removal services take care of documentation and ask for a legit proof that the vehicle is yours. If a car service removal doesn’t care about any of this, it means they just want to take your car for less than you can sell it elsewhere.

Get an Upfront Quote on the Value of Your Car

Ask about the estimated price of your vehicle and get an upfront quote on its value. This could also be done online, through the website of the car removal service. However, we advise you to do it in person if you have time.

Reconsider Your Choice

Never sell your car to the first junkyard. Call a few, ask for people’s opinion about each car removal service work. Make sure you chose the one that pays and be careful who you trust. Pay attention to details and listen to your gut. If something seems wrong then it’s probably wrong. Chose another car removal service.

Now Ask a Few Questions

Let’s assume that you finally found the right car removal service that will take your junk and pay you an adequate price for it. Here are the few questions you should ask before selling:

  • How long have you been in the car removal business?
  • What makes you better than other car removal services?
  • How do you handle documentation?
  • How does the car removal take and will you pay a higher price if I bring the car myself?
  • Are you paying attention to the property of the owner during the car removal?
  • May I see some references first, please?

These are a few important questions to ask once you find a potential car removal service that seems fair. The more you ask, the better. If they refuse to answer some of these questions, find another car removal service.