How Increasing Military Technology Makes Us Safer

Military technology can be termed in simple words as the assemblage of equipment, communication tools and motor vehicles utilized during a war. Warfare has transfigured and evolved from the first generation tanks down to stealth bombers such as the B2.

These developments in the military have enabled countries to gain wealth and power as well as land.

By ensuring that our military personnel is well-equipped, geared and supplied, we can comfortably conclude that we are safe as a nation from all external infiltration.

Military technology can be subdivided into the following categories:

  • Offensive artilleries-harm adversary
  • Defensive arms-keep off offensive assaults
  • Transport-move personnel and weapons
  • Communication-coordination of movement and relay of information
  • Sensors-weaponry guidance and detection of forces

Offensive Artilleries

With advancement in warfare technology, we can unanimously conclude that defense against the ever-changing weapons has changed intensely. The military has to stand out consequently. Why? For a country to contain and keep of psychopathic rulers, it is imperative to showcase its military muscle and advancement, or a majority of it. This is well facilitated by the media and the internet.

Adaptive stealth technology in both vehicles and aircraft minimize detection by ground defense systems well as airborne. Introduction of modern rifles such as the modern AK47, M4 rifles, and Ar-15 are a few of improvements in personnel artilleries. These advancements ensure the soldiers are a force to reckon with at all times

Defensive Arms

Protecting our personnel and civilians is a mandate and priority to the government. Despite the fact that offensive arms comprising aircraft, tanks, etc. have been greatly transfigured, we cannot overlook the defense systems.

Soldiers in war have got to be protected at costs. Light and durable armor technology must be ensured and in place. Armored vehicles are used to transport our soldiers and even civilians during evacuation missions. Long range defense systems have also evolved to ensure civilian protection from a surface and air attack.

Transport and Locomotion

Improvement in vehicles and aircraft have ensured that soldiers can reach their destination on time and safely. During civilian rescue and evacuation missions, the modern or advanced vehicles and planes come in handy profoundly.

Logistics in military operations require minimal mistakes, as that would lead to deadly results. The ‘Mule,’ a computerized transport vehicle is one of the latest military advancement in transport. Soldiers can load equipment and themselves and be sure of safe movement over uneven terrain.


This is one of the most important aspects of military operations. Predisposed information or inadequate Intel concerning a particular area of interest would lead to numerous causalities involving both civilians and personnel.

Advanced communication systems would ensure communication interception and distortion is completely avoided. Testing and scrutiny of computers by computer techs ensure hacking instances are circumvented.


These are used in the detection of forces and also very imperative in guiding weaponry. Use of modern technology such as the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) or drones if you like, has been very efficient in scanning and relaying detailed information to communication centers and also to forces on the ground. They fly undetected under the radar and perform these actions unobtrusively. Infrared tech also serves an important purpose in tunnels and also underground search.