Cloud Backup is a Good Helper: Cloud Backup Gateway

The cloud as a backup long-term storage space, now more and more people are considered, is to solve the enterprise backup storage and storage an ideal solution.

As far as the unit capacity cost is concerned, the rental cost of the cloud storage space may not be cheaper than that of the local large-capacity disk devices. However, in the long-term overall cost of ownership, when using the cloud as a backup storage destination, the burden of infrastructure management is transferred to the cloud platform operators. At the same time, users can flexibly adjust leasing space according to their needs and save the burden of establishing their own storage environment. Moreover, the storage capacity expansion capability of large cloud operators is almost unlimited, which can fully meet the requirements of scalability the demand.

At present, the development of cloud storage service has been quite mature and has fully responded to the role of backup data retention of enterprise users. Therefore, the use of the cloud to store backup data is not a problem, how to local backup to the cloud, is the problem that needs attention now.

Backup is one of the most basic needs of enterprise IT, the vast majority of enterprises have built a backup environment based on local storage, in order to backup the cloud and destroy the existing backup architecture is impractical, the need is In the use of existing backup infrastructure under the premise of the backup data sent to the cloud.

So there are two issues to be solved, first of all, the cloud is set as a backup storage destination, followed by transmission efficiency and security to ensure that data is transmitted to the cloud.

Some of the newer versions of backup software have been able to support the cloud as a backup storage destination. However, traditional backup software is designed based on local-side LAN transport. To ensure that backup data is sent to the cloud, the cross-WAN data transfer involved Efficiency and security may not be enough. In contrast, a dedicated cloud backup gateway product is a better choice.

The purpose of the Cloud Backup Gateway is to dump the local backup data to the cloud and reversely restore the backup data from the cloud to the local client, so that the backup data generated by the front-end backup environment can be seamlessly integrated, With the back-end cloud storage platform, users can use the cloud storage to perform data backup and restore jobs through the intermediary of cloud backup gateway.