The Must Know The Technologies That Make Our Life Easier

Although many technologies come out daily, very few can be classified as disruptive, those that mark a before and after. These are some examples of those that have impacted humanity the most and perhaps you have not thought so much about how they affect your daily life.


Really flights in airships began in the 1800 but it was not until the arrival of the Wright Brothers that things really changed course. It is incredible that a single 20-second flight in 1903 was the beginning of transatlantic flights and now, arriving in another continent is only a matter of a few hours.


Nobody really agrees on the true discoverer of electricity although everyone agrees that Benjamin Franklin played an important role in the 18th century, as did Volta, Tesla, and Edison. This was vital for the mechanization process to become easily accessible to all.


The Internet or technology after that had its origin in the 80s, but it was not until 1991 when the CERN laboratory published the first site ” World Wide Web ” (www) that it became a worldwide phenomenon. It opened the doors for all, new forms of commerce, communication, work, etc. If you want to know more, just look it up on the Internet.


This material is more than what you see on the sole of many of your shoes or on your eraser. In the beginning, the European sailors exploited them out of curiosity but now it has great advantages with the arrival of automobiles. The car market alone handles 70% of all the rubber in the world.



In the search of the alchemists for the eternal life, they stumbled upon an invention that instead of giving it life, almost takes it away. Combining a series of chemical products such as coal, sulfur, and saltpeter, this product was obtained in the early 8th century that would change the course of wars forever.

Magnetic card

Can you imagine a world without magnetic payment cards? How would you pay for store accounts, online purchases, flights? It is fortunate that IBM invented this in 1960 for a security system commissioned by the US government. The blacklist is actually a set of data encrypted in the form of small magnets. This is undoubtedly one of the most widespread technologies throughout our planet.


This is one of the best examples of disruptive technology since its discovery was radical for the expansion of medicine, emerged in the 1800s and allows to see disorders and diseases in patients, allowing to accelerate diagnoses and save lives.