Cutting Edge Technology: Laser Hair Removal

Without being too technical, laser hair removal is a complex process which involves unwanted hair removal by exposing the skin to high-frequency light pulses. This process is considered to be permanent because of the laser pulse damages or destroys the hair follicle.

In our hair removal process, we use light emission from lasers to produce heat damage, this process being called SPTL (selective photo thermolysis).

In order to avoid the unpleased moments, our customer care service will provide you more information on the laser hair removal procedure.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work

The most important step for a laser hair removal procedure is the establishment of your hair color. This step will help our doctors to set the right laser’s wavelength for your skin, in order to have the best efficacy.

A laser hair removal procedure needs from 3 to 6 sessions, or even more, the session number depending on your gender, skin color or the area of the body which is going to be treated. It is highly recommended to wait for your skin to recover between 4 to 8 weeks for a new procedure. Also, you should consider a new session of hair removal when your hair starts to grow again normally.

There are 3 different kinds of procedures used in our domain:

  1. Hair removal using Alexandrite lasers.
  2. Hair removal using Diode lasers.
  3. Hair removal using the IPL lasers.

The Alexandrite Lasers

Alexandrite laser has a wavelength of 755nm and it is a light beam which uses an alexandrite crystal in order to produce the heating effect of your skin. It is used for many skin disorders with a particular using in hair removal procedures.

The alexandrite laser can be used for hair removal on any location including bikini line, face, legs, underarms, neck, and back. Compared to other lasers, this is one of the fastest procedures and it is highly recommended for body areas like chest, stomach, legs or back.

The highest degree of ineffectiveness for alexandrite lasers is in cases of light colored hair or light colored skin. It is very effective for dark hair.

The Diode Lasers

The diode lasers have an 800 nm wavelength and it is considered to be the best option for hair removal in this niche because of its effectiveness. Also, the percentage of the side effects is the biggest for this procedure and the doctors highly recommend using special skin recovery creams after this treatment.

The Intense Pulsed Light Lasers (IPL)

The Intense pulsed light technology uses wavelengths between 500 nm and 1200 nm of no – coherent light and is used in many hair removal treatments such as:

  • E-Light
  • ELOS
  • M-Light

The treatment using an IPL laser involves applying a broad-spectrum light on the surface of the skin, targeting the melanin. The highest concentration of melanin is located in the hair bulb (or root), so the hair follicle is damaged or even destroyed.

For this procedure, it is recommended to have 8 to 10 sessions until the most visible hair is removed.

Statistics and Side Effects

Our clinic provides a various number of laser hair removal procedures. Alexandrite lasers ensure a 68.75% hair reduction growth within 6 months with a 9.5% of side effects. The diode lasers have an efficiency of 71.71% with side effects reports of 28.9%. The IPL lasers (Intense Pulse Light lasers) provide an efficiency of 66.96% and side effects with a side effects report the percentage of 15.3%.